We know that Battling the IRS isn't easy.


About David Silverman

David J. Silverman, EA, is an enrolled agent, which means that he is licensed to represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service. He has served on the Advisory Group to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, has a Certificate in Taxation from New York University and co-authored the bestselling series "Taxes for Dummies." David Silverman has been in private practice in Manhattan for over 30 years. 


David J Silverman & Co. EA, LLC is a full service tax consulting firm. We can assist you will all your tax filing needs as well as provide expert advise on a variety of personal and business issue as the relate to your finances.

We get levies and tax liens removed.

When the IRS levies your salary or bank account you can kiss your money goodbye. We know the ins and outs of getting levies removed or reduced. Guess what? You don't have to pay all you owe in order to do this. It is just as important to remove liens. They put a cloud over your credit.

We settle past due taxes for less than you owe.

That's right. In one instance we settled at 2 million in back taxes for $100,000. Even if you owe substantially less than this the same rules apply. Does paying nothing sound even better? See if you fit the profile for a deal like this.

We get penalty and interest charges reduced.

The law provides for the reduction of interest and penalties. We know how to accomplish this. David J. Silverman has testified before Congress on penalty reform. A number of his suggestions were enacted into law.

We prepare prior year tax returns that you haven't filed and work out a settlement with the IRS.

Not filing a tax return can subject you to criminal sanctions. We know how to remove this threat.

We represent you at tax audits. You don't have to attend. We go in your place.

We know how to present your case and insure that you get to claim every deduction you are entitled to. David J. Silverman wrote two books, Battling the IRS and Taxes for Dummies on how to do this.

We can represent you if you have international tax problems.

We are located directly across from the United Nations in New York. We have clients throughout the world. We understand the needs of expatriates and foreign taxpayers. The benefits of U.S. and foreign tax treaties can save you a bundle. Contact us. Telephone consultations can be arranged.

We can represent you anywhere in the United States or overseas.

David J. Silverman is an Enrolled Agent. This means he is Enrolled to Practice before the IRS and can represent you anywhere the IRS has an office.

We take care of all of your future and past tax planning needs. Yes, tax planning after the fact.

Tax planning for past years? You bet. We can amend tax returns for past years and get you back tax that you might have overpaid and more importantly, we will make sure you don't make mistakes like this again.

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